Power pack is essential to smart phones, tablet computers, to charge electronic products, because the batteries of smartphones, tablet computers are not durable. Their power is not lasting enough, so they need power bank for supplementary power. Currently, there are a lot of power banks on the market. As competition intensifies, the major power bank manufacturers would like to win the market through product materials, function and design.

Recently, the Chinese well-known brand ARUN in the mobile accessories market launched new power bank series for businessmen, such as J210 series. J210 originates from high-grade green ceramic Apple PC computer enclosure, using humane fashion design. Focus on the vogue style, standard 9900mAh battery capacity, and with independent double protection control system, can provide multi-features, such as discharging while charging, intelligent charge dormancy.

ARUN power bank Model#J210

ARUN is a huge digital communications products company,  focus on R&D, manufacturing and sales. ARUN customers are located in more than 130 countries and regions all over the world. ARUN is located in a beautiful natural environment, Huangjiang town, Dongguan city. The self-owned industrial park covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters; the Park has 7 workshops, 1 comprehensive office building and 5 apartment-style dormitories, with total floor area of up to 200,000 square meters. ARUN Industrial park is equipped with hundreds of advanced manufacturing machines, automatic test equipments, advanced dust-free workshops and advanced automatic production line. All are composed a highly efficient, large-scale production base.

ARUN J210 is using rectangular design, only 13.6mm, in 75 degree arc angle design for the edges. J210 housing is using high-end technology to create, through the frosted surface glossy, feels good. The lines the power bank leaves customers with great visual impact, tough style and tonal elegance perfectly.

The housing material of ARUN power bank Model#J210 is hard and strong, using a PC fire prevention materials, with characteristics of resistance to high temperature and low burning point, its safety performance quite good. The shell consists of PC ceramic plastic through ultrasonic technology to make it one stitch, not a screw could be found, to avoid any leak. Shell surface is very smooth, feels good. The body is one-piece injection by ultrasonic sealing, so no need to use a screw. This is the reason why the whole product is very strong and durable. 

There is only a brand LOGO in front, no other modification, looks very simple.

In the right side of the power bank, J210 is using an exclusive original battery indicator on both sides and the electroplated blue ring lights against the white background is particularly striking. The battery indicator is equipped with 4 LED lights, each led represents about 25% of charge, you can very clearly tell users the remaining capacity.

ARUN J210 is using the world's top chip, which can achieve up to 2.1A output. J210 innovation configuration 2 nickel plated USB interface, and the middle is Mciro USB charging port. J210 is suitable for various types of mobile phones and tablet computers, and can be charged for two cell phones at once faster, without waiting.

In function field, J210 supports 2 USB port output for both mobile phones and tablet computers to add power, entering intelligent charging quickly; discharging and charging with user-friendly design. J210 has circuit protection through programs, including over charge, over-high temperature, short-circuit protection design, and complete flexibility to protect digital mobile devices security.

In fast charging field, J210, ARUN J210 helps user to save 20% times. In the current input, ahead of industry level (1A), ARUN J210 is 2.1A speed high speed input, its charging efficiency 1 time faster than normal device to charge itself. 

In Safety field, ARUN power bank J210 equipped numerous insurance for safe, with rare double protection system: battery protection system for independent work with the main control chip protection system, more secure. Short circuit could be restorative, even if due to electrical problems caused by short circuit, it can shut down automatically after reboot back to normal working condition. Unique protection system with the main control chip protection system works independently, also has over charge, over discharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, over temperature, over power, leakage-fold compound security, well protected and flawless.

Objective test sections, we use the load testing machine to discharge the power bank under constant 5V/2A. Discharge data  was logged once every 5 seconds, finally we will get the discharge time, discharge capacity, and discharge curves, and so on.

Discharging Chart 

Discharging Dates

In 5V/2A constant voltage and constant current, discharge time is within 3.5 hours and eventually discharge capacity is 6598mAh, can fully charge iPhone6S about 4 times, to charge the Samsung S5 3 times. From the data and the curve, voltage is steady at 4.83V, only 50mV fluctuations, only plus or minus less than 5mA current fluctuations, did well.

Products to 9900mAh nominal capacity, battery voltage is 3.7V, by calculating the total power is 9.9Ah * 3.7V = 36.63Wh. Power supply voltage 4.83V, 36.63Wh ÷ 4.83V = 7.583 Ah. In other words, its theoretical capacity should be 7583mAh. While the actual test conversion capacity 6598mAh, 6598mAh ÷ 7583mAh = 0.87. In other words, the actual conversion efficiencies is as high as 87%. Transition effects are very good.

Summary of the evaluation

ARUN power bank model#J210 with stylish designs, colorful, simple and elegant, excellent technology, and the overall design is easy to carry, durable material the housing, fire protection and better performance. J210 with standard 9900mAh capacity, endurance, and conversion efficiencies as high as 87%, belongs to the long range horizontal. Dual-port 2.1A the fast charge, dual USB interface compatible with most handheld digital devices on the market, and through multiple quality and safety certification, especially suitable for business users. J210 is what ARUN to build the new flagship models, featured young users as well as business people. If you are interested in it, can focus on it.

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